GYCard is the fellowship program we are proud to launch this year, that gives you access to services offered by us and partner companies.

The aim is to not only build and provide a platform for entrepreneurs, makers, and go-getters but also to grant certain kinds of advantages and discounts that will prove helpful for all young entrepreneurs.

It is time to help our community overcome their challenges and show them all the opportunities available. This card can become a weapon if you use it properly and often!

Who is it for?

You are eligible to apply for a GYCard if you are under 30. No more requirements necessary.

What advantages do I have?

GYCard gives you a number of discounts and free services, as well as priority eligibility for special activities developed by GO Youth. Here are a few benefits:

– Immediate 15€ discount on the GO Youth Conference

– Discounts in several hostels and hotel chains

– The chance to work closely and hear from our friends at ABC Legal;

– Free accounting software for up to 6 months

– Many more others…

How can I get the GYCard?

To purchase a GYCard, you can buy it with cash through an official vendor, or by bank transfer or Paypal to (see below).  There are several official vendors across Portugal (list here).

The card costs 10€ per year.

You should always state your address, full name and date of birth when purchasing the card. If you want to purchase via Paypal or bank transfer, please send a proof of transfer.

There are no vendors near me. Can I still apply?

We will accept applicants from cities where no vendors are available. If that is your case, just send an email to with a scan of your identification, along with your address, full name, date of birth and proof of transfer.

Additional costs may apply regarding the mailing of the GYCard to countries other than Portugal.

Can I share my card with others?

The GYCard is personal and non-transferrable. Our partners may require that you provide identification to validate all discounts.