Our Story

We started this project back in 2011, still high-school students. The economic climate in Portugal at the time was uncertain, with youth unemployment quite rampant. Much of the discussion was around the legitimacy of different ways to tackle these problems. Despite that, we were relentless and curious kids, who quickly took interest in entrepreneurship and wanted to learn more. Not much was going on about it in Lisbon, so we thought “why not create our own entrepreneurship event for youngsters like us”?


In 2012 the inaugural one-day GO Youth Conference happened for 150 participants. Our small inexperienced team worked hard to put together the first large event on youth entrepreneurship in Lisbon. Our goal was to inspire conversation about the “entrepreneurial model” being a functional solution for economic uncertainty and the way for young people to take charge of their own futures.


As we grew in size GO Youth Conference attracted bigger and brighter names to our lineup – all of them being young and creative or those who opened avenues for them. Today we stand firmly on our feet as one of Lisbon’s top annual innovation and creativity events. We are proud to have helped all those who came to us looking for guidance and knowledge and that they are now leading or contributing to successful startups.
Realizing that our power lies in the expertise that we share with the participants of this weekend, our goal and promise for 2017 is a lineup that represents the diversity of entrepreneurship. Our team proves that the variety of our backgrounds and experiences makes the perfect recipe for success. From techies to social policy makers, from investigators to artists, we aim to include everyone in the discussion on what it means to be an entrepreneur and how it impacts your goals.

Our Mission

We see ourselves as a network of leaders, change-makers, creatives and go-getters, spanning the continent. GO Youth is about to effect the same change it has brought to Lisbon, in other emerging centers of entrepreneurship scattered across Europe. Our mission is simple – to share knowledge, to empower and give tools to all the young people who want to turn their motivation into ideas and bring those ideas to life.

Our Team

André Carvalho

Producer and CEO

Diogo Rodeiro


Mafalda Pinto


Anna Zykova


Catarina Marques


Dário Santos


Graça Silveira Silva

Legal Counsel

Tiago Tavares


Paulo Nogueira Ramos

Expansion Manager

Diogo Melo

Sponsorship Manager

Filipa Nunes

Social Media Manager

Ana Martins

HR and Communications Consultant